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not answer the question. it took 13 hours of filibuster for him to say no, we won't kill noncombatants in america. so it was worth it and really served to nary row presidential power which i think is important that there are limits. >> chris: we will get to the substance of the filibuster a little later. does all of the attention now increase your interest in and your sense of the feasibility of running for president in 2016? >> well, you know, i have always said i wanted to be part of the national debate. i will think republican party needs to figure out how to be bigger and io bring some ideas to that and so i have talked with the republican national committee, the republican national commit chairman about things i think we need to do to be competitive on the west coast and new england and illinois and some of those ideas are are a more libertarian republican approach to things and i think that a lot of young people are attracted to that and our party could grow if we accepted something maybe a little different than the cookie cutter conservatives we have put out in the the past. >>
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)